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    Campus Hospital Guide
    Release Date:2015-07-28 Viewers: Font:[ Big Medium Small ]

    BLCU hospital is a comprehensive hospital with more than 60 medical staffs.


    Departments: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Stomatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pediatrics, Laboratory, and Special Inspection


    Medical equipment: Full automatic biochemical analyzer, Transcranial Doppler, Total lead ECG, Color B ultrasound, 24 hour dynamic electrocardiogram instrument, Dynamic blood pressure measurement, Non contact tonometer, Corneal topography, Computer optometry, Perimetry, infrared mammary gland inspection instrument, Oral comprehensive treatment machine, Digital X


    International Department: wards for international students and teachers in BLCU; One-to-one language service is provided (English, Japanese, Korean). Telephone: 82303985 


    24-hour emergency call: 82303562

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