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    Guide to Campus Network—For International Students
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          For all new students: here’s some information to help you access our campus network services:

      1. General Information

          The campus network service of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is provided and maintained by the Network Information and Education Technology Center. This center is responsible for offering superior network service to all school members. Our wireless network is now available in most areas of the campus, including teaching zones and student dormitories.

      2. How to use

          Wireless Network: The wireless signal in each dormitory building is named as “BLCU- BUILDING-XX” (XX stands for the building number). In addition, the wireless signal is named as “BLCU” in areas such as the teaching zone, library, and other areas in the campus.

      Wired Network:There should be one or two network interfaces in each dormitory for desktop computers.

      The campus network uses a web authentication login page(the wireless network requires a wireless signal while the wired network requires a wired connection). You will see the login page on every webpage you open (the login and logout page is http://ip.blcu.edu.cn). The page is as follows:



      3. Payment Services

          You can use your campus card to pay for the network as long as you have sufficient funds on the card.

          You also can recharge with cash in the one-stop service center, on the 1st floor of the Multiple-use Building.

      4. Contact Us

          User-service Department in the Network Information Center

          Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00—11:40AM  Afternoon: 13:00—17:00PM

          Address: one-stop service center on the 1st floor of the Multiple-use Building


          E-mail: netsupport@blcu.edu.cn

          Renren network homepage “BLCU network service”:


          Wechat public platform

          Add Wechat public account: “北語信息化”

          Search: blcuxinxi

          Scan QR code below:


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