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    With a building area of 5,040 square meters, the university sports center is fully equipped with various sports facilities, including:

    Swimming center:

    Covering a building area of 4,000 square meters, the swimming center maintains clean water and a swimmer-friendly environment. The temperature inside is kept around 28°C -30°C and the water 24°C -30°C in winter.  

    Badminton courts

    There are altogether 6 badminton courts with a total of 887 seats for spectators on both eastern and western stands.

    Billiard center:

    The billiard center covers an area of 216 square meters with 5 billiard tables and 2 shuffle board tables.

    Fitness Center:

    The 560-square-meter fitness center is furnished with various fitness apparatus and aerobic courses are also provided, such as TKD, yoga and calisthenics.  

    The campus stadium, with a usable area of 19,136 square meters, is equipped with 8 400-meter plastic race tracks and in the center a football court of artificial lawn.  

    The 3 plastic tennis courts cover a usable area of 1,835 square meters.

    There are 4 plastic volleyball courts with a total usable area of 1,890 square meters.

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